Routing WG: Explicit Routing (ER)

Some members and gigaPoPs have described needs for routing behavior more sophisticated than the current technique of forwarding to a next-hop router based on destination IP address. The capability of making forwarding decisions incorporating source information — e.g., source IP address, input interface on a router or switch, or a label/tag in the packet — is a requirement of any solution to this problem. The solution must also address the "fish problem" (need a reference): there must be a mechanism for a packet to traverse a router en route to an egress port on another router, even when this router has a "better" route to the destination. For example, the site originating the packet may be disallowed by policy from transiting a network which would offer a "better" path (i.e., fewer hops, greater bandwidth, lower latency, etc.).

Several router manufacturers are developing technologies that may provide a solution to this problem. The I2rwg monitors these developments, offers critical and constructive feedback, and will evaluate and test these technologies when appropriate. When a suitable solution is available, the I2rwg will provide deployment advice and assistance, as desired by backbone, gigaPoP, and site operators.


Manufacturer status reports at Jan 2001 Jt Techs meeting. 28-31 Jan 2001
Evaluate and test potential solutions. unscheduled