Routing WG meeting presentations
Tuesday, 30 July, 2002, Joint Techs Workshop, Boulder, CO.
WG Chair: ken lindahl 

Merit Route Registry Update [ppt], Larry Blunk, Merit.

Explicit Routing: the fish at 4+yrs [ppt], Larry Dunn, Cisco; including slides from Larry's plenary talk.

Solutions for Explicit Routing In Internet2 Gigapops and NRNs [pdf], Brian Daugherty, Cisco.

Policy Constrained Routing/Explicit Routing [ppt], Ivan Gonzalez, Juniper.

PCR/ER example [ppt], Ivan Gonzalez, Juniper.
PCR/ER example router configurations [txt]:
        bogey, bunker, divot, dormie, luke,
        mulligan, putter, slice, wedge, xwing.
PCR/ER example router configurations [tarball].